Joining the Network

The C4D Network is a membership network, and members are able to network with each other, access resources and a wide range of benefits.

  • As a first step individuals can register with the Network as a Networker; to do this you need to apply by clicking 'signup' (top right of site) and after review based on criteria we will approve or direct you to the 'Friends of C4D Network' list.
  • Criteria for inclusion is primarily based on professional engagement with C4D - either as an academic, development worker, media practitioner, consultant or trainer.
  • 'Friends of the C4D Network' are people who are interested in C4D but not so fully engaged that they wish to be part of the online community, preferring to receive communication quarterly, via our e-newsletter.
  • Organisations and other groups can also join as an Associate Organisations of the Network, taking packages of 3, 5 or more memberships for staff and associates.

Why Join & Get Active?

The primary benefit of joining the C4D Network is being part of a growing professional community of people who are engaged in communication for development.

  • Registering as a Networker enables you to enjoy this benefit – which can be an asset for anyone who wants to not be isolated in their work, and who wants to hear from similar C4D professionals or champions in order to learn and share and also to enjoy this field that we work in.
  • Additional benefits as a Networker are profile and the ability to easily reconnect and network with colleagues online around the world.
  • Being a Networker does not give access to the Member-only events, learning and online content sharing – for this membership is required.
  • Members are able to view all the content of the site and to contribute to it.
  • Members also have access to member-only events and happenings, such as online virtual meet-ups with other colleagues, access to member-only networking evenings and much more.
  • Members are also able to join the C4D Roster if they want to profile themselves as consultants or trainers, and members also receive discounts on webinars and other capacity event.
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